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King Faisal Foundation

  • Client

    King Faisal Foundation
  • Location

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Went live in June 2014

The King Faisal Foundation (KFF) was established in 1976 by the sons of the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, and is one of the largest philanthropic foundations worldwide. Whether it's a grant to a talented student for post-graduate studies abroad, funding for hospitals, libraries or mosques, or a prize to an eminent scholar, KFF has been engaged in a large number of philanthropic initiatives.

The foundation operates through its five affiliates: Effat University, Alfaisal University, King Faisal International Prize (KFIP), King Faisal Center for Research & Islamic Studies (KFCRIS), King Faisal School (KFS).

We were commissioned to design and develop the websites and brochures of the affiliates as well as the main website of the foundation in both languages, English and Arabic.

The key idea was to highlight the significant impact of the projects initiated by KFF and its affiliates through information graphics and figures. This strategy allows the user to get acquainted with the mission and vision of the affiliates through their projects.



  • Designing 6 websites that are linked through the main website of the King Faisal Foundation
  • Trying to graphically show the high impact of the affiliates through inforgraphics and animated graphs
  • Gathering a substantial amount of information from the archives of the foundation and the affiliates
  • Working on designing a user-friendly website in both languages, Arabic and English


Shoumoukh Twin Towers

Signage & Wayfinding
Architecture & Design
Real Estate
  • Client

    Real Estate Services Group
  • Location

    Doha, Qatar
  • Completed in September 2013 and installed in March 2014

These high-end office towers in the heart of Doha called for our team to develop a wayfinding system that not only blended in but also played a role in establishing the identity of the project.
The final design solution included a design element that hinted at which part of the project you were currently in, thus giving the user a subtle transition from one area to another.


King Faisal International Prize

  • Client

    King Faisal Foundation
  • Location

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Completed in November 2013

The King Faisal International Prize (KFIP) is an annual prize awarded by the King Faisal Foundation (KFF), a Saudi philanthropic institution that was created in commemoration of the late King Faisal.
We were commissioned to create a new identity and a website for KFIP that would bring the brand up to date, give it a more sophisticated look and help it gain recognition as an independent entity with strong links to the KFF.

The KFIP logo was inspired from the Prize's medallions and represents a seal of excellence. The design challenge was to maintain the image of King Faisal as a core element of the brand while trying to give it a characteristically different look and feel from the KFF logo.

The newly created independent website for the prize offers the viewer a thorough background of information on the prize in order to really bring through its importance and weight in the academic realm.


Qatar Foundation Student Housing

Spatial design
  • Client

    Hamad Bin Khalifa University
  • Location

    Doha, Qatar
  • Distributed in October 2013

The "Cartwheel" is a housing gift we designed from recuperated wood for students at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha, Qatar.
The designed object serves as a commemorative gift for every student that moves into the university housing. Its aim is to create a memorable welcoming experience. A key challenge in the process was to produce and deliver 1200 units in a short period of time.

The Cartwheel allows many different usages and can become a functional tool for events organized by the student housing. It will be left in the rooms and will be re-used by future generations of students that move into the complex as years go by.



  • Client

    Al Jazeera Investment
  • Location

  • Launched in May 2014

Established in 1991, Universal (formerly known as UTTA), is a travel and tourism agency part of a successful cross-sector Omani consortium that owns more than 20 companies. The brand's retail and online identities were kept very minimal throughout the years which hasn't contributed in conveying a vibrant and updated image of the brand. Today, Universal wants to stand out in a relatively crowded category and to reinforce the differentiation vis à vis the competitors.

Our team was commissioned to work on a comprehensive overhaul of the brand by introducing the dynamic and young appeal of Universal in the retail store, the online platform, the service design, the logotype, etc.



  • A fierce local and regional competition
  • Rectifying the brand's online presence
  • Catching up with the trends
  • Building on the brand’s old notoriety


Read our buzz on the occasion of the brand's official launch
Universal Travel unveils brand relaunch!


  • Client

    Al-Dawaa Medical Services Co. LTD
  • Location

    Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  • Completed in 2013

Nuvola is the latest addition to Saudi Arabia's leading pharmacy chains, Al-Dawaa. The brand aims to provide a specialized and a women-essentially dedicated space. By choosing the name "Nuvola" (cloud in Italian), we wanted to emphasize on this state of extreme happiness, relaxation and well being that the space offers to its clients.
Throughout all the process, we made sure to convey this tailor-made and exclusive feel. The Nuvola logo is made of hand-lettered typography that has been put together in a cloud-like shape. One of the key challenges our designers faced was to clean and refine the logo until they found a balance between the Arabic and English versions.
The logo aims at representing a classy and elegant brand; it becomes a synonym of excellence, quality, and expertise. 2-Nuvola_Logo-Sketches.jpg2-Nuvola_Logos.jpg4-Nuvola_Store-Sign.jpg5-Nuvola_Bags.jpg

Entre Muros

  • Client

    Unigrand Management Limited (UML)
  • Location

    Maputo, Mozambique
  • Launched in July 2013

Entre Muros is a 500 square meters store in Maputo, Mozambique showcasing wholesale and retail products consisting of tiles, interior design items, and paints.
For the store's naming strategy, we needed to come up with a Portuguese name that would translate qualities such as distinctive, elegant, international, high-end, prestigious, etc.

"Entre Muros" (between the walls) was the option that best communicated the store's experience as well as the offered products. The feel of the place—promising, insightful, unique and elegant—was also expressed through the designed visual elements.
Our designers chose a subdued color palette consisting of two color schemes, a light and a dark one.



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Makers, believers, storytellers.

We are fueled on teamwork, dedication and curiosity

From brand to installations, interactive projects and exhibitions, we strive to deliver experiences and are always ready for a challenge in any medium. Why?

Because design is not medium specific; so why should we be?

We aim to create positive impact and change through our projects by adopting a human centric approach and a committed work methodology to help big and small organizations grow and innovate.

What we do

We strive on challenges and stop at nothing to see good ideas see the light.

The below is by no means a comprehensive list of every service we offer. If you are in need of a creative service, let us know and we will make it happen. For a more in-depth look at our process, please download our Fact sheet.

Brand design

Working on giving a product, service or organization everything from its personality, tone of voice, and culture, to its logotype, typeface, colors and graphics is something we have loved to do for a very long time. Brand design continues to be one of the most challenging and knowledge-intensive processes.

Wayfinding and signage design

Being one of the few regional design companies that have the capability to take on wayfinding projects, we have made this one of our niche services. Careful planning of sign locations and technicalities such as nomenclature and cultural imagery are key characteristics of our approach to wayfinding.

Interactive design

Our projects aim to cover interactive strategies containing everything from websites to mobile applications and games. Our digital team iteratively develops code alongside the design team to create the final product.

Spatial design

Wayfinding, interactivity and branding all play a big role in a space’s usage and flow. This combination of core disciplines makes spatial design all the more interesting for us to grow within. Spatial design includes everything from retail spaces to installations and exhibition pavilions.

The team

Operating in 5 cities

Founded in 2004, Beirut is the home of our headquarters and main design studio but you can also find us in Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, and Muscat.

PenguinCube is run by a group of 20 enterprising individuals from different backgrounds, all working together in a closely-knit team, taking on challenges, big and small for clients locally and regionally.


PenguinCube’s work has been acknowledged over the past ten years by some of the most respected design organizations.

Our work has garnered awards from iF Design award, the RedDot Design award, the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) and the British Council. We have proudly been shortlisted and nominated to a number of other respectful prominent prizes by our peers.



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Passing on the baton

Sep 1, 2014

After 10 years of non-stop dedication, Josette Khalil is drawing back from PenguinCube to play and experiment in unchartered waters. As such, we are proud to welcome Mia Azar in her new appointed role as Creative Director.

Mia has an MA in Spatial & Product Design, and has been a part of the PenguinCube team for 5 years. Her interest in the integration of design in social and cultural environments has allowed her to lead strategic projects around the region and to be recognised by an SEGD Global Design Award. Mia is very enthusiastic about design education and has been teaching at the American University of Beirut since 2013.

A PenguinCuber at large, Josette is not leaving the nest permanently and remains a strategic partner of the company, involved in key decision making toward achieving PenguinCube’s vision.

The PenguinCube team is very excited about this new promising chapter and is looking forward to conquering new projects and making it to the South Pole!

It's play time!

May 28th, 2014

For most of us, construction toys such as Legos were basically our lives as kids. Those little pieces had us mesmerized for days and weeks!

And guess what? There's a new kid on the block called Urbacraft!

Created by Ayssar Arida and Sabine de Maussion and made of two interlocking types of elements, Urbacraft is a city-crafting system completely developed and produced in Lebanon. It's dedicated to city-makers of all ages, and designed as an educational construction toy as well as a design object that is fully hackable, editable, changeable, and colorable.
For the pre-launch of Urbacraft, a series of workshops and an exhibition (Infinite Spaces of Beirut) are taking place at the Beirut Art Center.

The exhibition showcases dozens of one-off designs built with the first ever Urbacraft sets by some of Beirut's most renowned creatives.
Our team had the opportunity to take part of this exhibition, our set is an ode to Hamra and an invitation to travel in time.
Entitled "Windoh!", our installation invites the visitor to sneak peek into windows of emblematic buildings in Hamra that would take them into different eras of the neighborhood.

Don't miss the exhibition, it runs till the 5th July 2014!

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Universal Travel unveils brand

May 19th, 2014

This year marks Universal's 23rd year of delivering travel solutions to the Omani market and the world. The brand unveiled last week in a press conference and gala dinner a complete brand overhaul that our designers have worked on earlier this year.

We got involved in a thorough process of redefining the brand's core vision and values. Based on the fieldwork and research our team has done, we were able to find a unique positioning and the brand's new key promise: Universal leaves nothing to chance.

This represents the extra mile that sets the company apart from the majority of the competition. The dynamism, adaptability and variety of the services as well as the expertise and availability of the agents are the added values of the revamped brand. These features are now an integral part of the visual and verbal identity elements we created.

With more than two decades under the belt and an extensive brand uplift, Universal promises to deliver the best in outbound and inbound travel services for travelers visiting Oman, or for residents wanting a customized travel experience anywhere in the world!


Looking for a design studio? Need help in concocting some good ideas?
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Beirut is the home of our headquarters and our main design studio where we process inquiries from all around the world.
The office was founded in 2004.

To get in touch and for international inquiries, please contact Mahmoud Suleiman.

PenguinCube SAL
#503, 5th fl, Matta Bldg, Makdessi St, PO Box 113-6117,
Hamra 1103 2100, Beirut, Lebanon
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The company headquarters are in Beirut with presence spread across the region
and projects executed in more than 36 cities!


PenguinCube has completed projects in Dubai since 2007.

For inquiries in the UAE, please contact Tammam Yamout.

mobile   +971 55 7300353
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Our team worked on projects in Saudi Arabia since 2009.

For KSA-based inquiries, please contact Nadine Kobayter.

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Our presence in Qatar goes back to 2007.

For all inquiries, please contact Maria Paula Arias.

PenguinCube WLL
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Doha, Qatar
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In Oman, PenguinCube, represented by Al-Jazeera International Group, has been busy there since 2008.

For all inquiries, please contact Abbas Zaidi.

Al-Jazeera International Group LLC
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Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman
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PenguinCube is always looking for fresh blood,
so feel free to email us at jobs@penguincube.com.
Make sure you attach your résumé and work samples for our review.