How does an adventurous TV reporter drink his coffee in 2050?

March 6th, 2014

This is one of the challenging scenarios that we toyed around with more than 35 participants attending our workshop this Tuesday, March 4, 2014 as part of this year's edition of ArabNet, one of the leading events in the region for the digital creative sectors.

"In the future, you want to go where everybody knows your name."

Our interactive workshop focused on creating fictional scenarios where an extremely futuristic service meets an unusual user.
Think Mickey Mouse in a Post Office or Dory the fish in a butcher's belly!

Split in teams, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs delved into an intense session of aerobics for the mind!
By thinking beyond customization and simulating a unique situation based on the preferences and habits of the user, participants tried to challenge their way of thinking by unleashing their imagination!

Show me your cartwheel!

February 6th, 2014

Do you reminisce about those years spent at the university dorms? Do you still remember what your room number was?

We recently had the opportunity to design a housing gift for students at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha, Qatar in memory of those unforgettable years.
Baptized the cartwheel, this object serves as a commemorative gift for every student that moves into the university housing. It is a celebration of the community as well as a tool to promote sustainability.

The cartwheel can also become a functional tool for events organized by the student housing. It can be left in the rooms and can be re-used by future generations of students that move into the complex as years go by.
Not only this object uses 100% recuperated wood from the construction site but also is a unique reference to the related building and room!

Is there a lifeline for the creative industry in Lebanon?

January 2nd, 2014

In 2008, a client requested, as part of the bidding submission, a justification on why he should risk having his project done in Lebanon. Would we have faced this problem if the design studio was based in London or San Francisco? Unfortunately not.

How can we face these issues of instability and client fears in our market? And how can we adapt despite the lack of sustainable infrastructures and governmental support?

Our general manager, Tammam Yamout believes it is all in the mindset.

Read his full take on the matter here.



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QNFSP Pavilion

  • Client

    Qatar National Food Security Programme
  • Location

  • Exhibited at COP18 from November 26th to December 7th 2012

The Qatar National Food Security Programme (QNFSP) is a national initiative designed to address the food security challenges in Qatar, a country highly dependent on food imports.

We were commissioned to create an interactive media-rich pavilion that showcases in a tangible way QNFSP's strategy. Built as a modular and immersive unit, the pavilion consisted of four cubicles: solar energy, water management, agricultural models, food processing and distribution. Visitors can participate in manipulating different variables and witness the effect of their intervention instantly, while also having the possibility to learn more on the information panels and diagrammatic walls. The largest challenge we faced was in addressing the content design of this project. The documentation was gathered by our team and used on different mediums, it also had to be processed and used in a way to cater to all types of users (beginner, intermediate, expert).


facts and figures

  • 8.5×8.5 m2 pavilion
  • 65 power plugs
  • 15 computers are needed to power up the unit
  • The installation fits 12 people at a time
  • More than 50m2 of LED screens
  • 2,876,960 pixels for the LED walls
  • Over 80 people have contributed to this project
  • The unit is completely built and fabricated in Qatar


Read more about the Qatar National Food Security Programme (QNFSP) and COP18, the UN climate change conference that was held in Qatar in 2012.


Print & Packaging
  • Client

    Al-Dawaa Medical Services Co. LTD
  • Location

    Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  • Completed in 2013

Nuvola is the latest addition to Saudi Arabia's leading pharmacy chains, Al-Dawaa. The brand aims to provide a specialized and a women-essentially dedicated space. By choosing the name "Nuvola" (cloud in Italian), we wanted to emphasize on this state of extreme happiness, relaxation and well being that the space offers to its clients.
Throughout all the process, we made sure to convey this tailor-made and exclusive feel. The Nuvola logo is made of hand-lettered typography that has been put together in a cloud-like shape. One of the key challenges our designers faced was to clean and refine the logo until they found a balance between the Arabic and English versions.
The logo aims at representing a classy and elegant brand; it becomes a synonym of excellence, quality, and expertise.


Zaitunay Bay

  • Client

    Beirut Waterfront Development S.A.L
  • Location

  • Executed in Beirut, Lebanon Launched in November 2012

As opposed to creating a basic profile destination site, the Zaitunay Bay website is conceived as an all year round destination. Inspired by social networking platforms, we, at PenguinCube, designed a highly interactive space dedicated to all audiences. By using a friendly tone and playful widgets like the weather and mood plugins, a dynamic and fun user experience is guaranteed.

Our strategy behind creating a holistic website is to enable the users to fully customize and plan their day and night at Zaitunay Bay.


Qatar Foundation Student Housing

  • Client

    Hamad Bin Khalifa University
  • Location

    Doha, Qatar
  • Distributed in October 2013

The "Cartwheel" is a housing gift we designed from recuperated wood for students at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha, Qatar.
The designed object serves as a commemorative gift for every student that moves into the university housing. Its aim is to create a memorable welcoming experience. A key challenge in the process was to produce and deliver 1200 units in a short period of time.

The Cartwheel allows many different usages and can become a functional tool for events organized by the student housing. It will be left in the rooms and will be re-used by future generations of students that move into the complex as years go by.



  • Client

  • Location

  • Released in the winter of 2012

Pi7 is PenguinCube's seventh promotional item, a tradition that started a little over 7 years ago.

This item was made to highly challenge your fingers. It pushes them to their limits like few things can, testing their flexibility, dexterity, reach, stamina, response time and more. This is how Pi7 functions: When the buttons light up, you will have to press them all together in order to move up to the next level.

There are 99 levels in total and the game gets more difficult as you progress. When a combination is pressed correctly, you will hear a short victory fanfare tune. But if you press an incorrect button, you will hear the dreaded "Tunnununuu" which means you have lost and you have to start all over again.

2000 units were distributed.


Selim Mouzannar

  • Client

    Selim Mouzannar
  • Location

    Beirut, Lebanon
  • Launched in October 2012 and managed until February 2013

Through his handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewels, Selim Mouzannar seeks to fuse the old and the new by reinterpreting the past.
Our team worked on translating online both the international outlook of his designs and his Levantine inspirations.
Born into a family of jewelers and having traveled the world to find inspiration and hone his skills, we found it was necessary to communicate Mouzannar's biography through the website since it tremendously influenced his work.

facts and figures

  • 12 collections embedded in the website
  • 2 local branches
  • 5 countries of presence
  • Employs 30 craftsmen


Check this feature about the creative blends of Selim Mouzannar.

Nada Debs

Architecture & Design
  • Client

    East & East SARL
  • Location

    Beirut, Lebanon
  • Online since December 2011

Nada Debs strives through her work to celebrate Eastern craftsmanship through contemporary design. For her new website, Debs required to translate this fusion through the different features.
Our team was keen on highlighting strong brand elements the designer is renowned for such as the arabesque inspired patterns, aiming to push the brand's identity.
By showcasing extensively her collections as well as information about her workshops, boutiques, and parallel projects, we contributed in extending the brand's international outreach and developing her client base overseas.

Visit the site
Read this feature about the Lebanese designer


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